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The Seeds of Kokopelli

"The Seeds of Kokopelli" is a wonderful publication which contains the "catalogue" of approximately 2500 varieties of seeds available, and an absolute mass of information essential to the gardener - but far and away more useful than any other publication. For example, where else will you find all the information you need in order to produce your own seeds for each species of vegetable plant?

The book has now been translated into English and so, logically, Association Kokopelli replaces Terre de Semences in England and the English speaking world.

The manner in which the book works as a catalogue is described in detail, but essentially there is a list of around 1000 varieties available on a commercial basis ("The Boutique List") at £2.00 per packet (£1.80 to Members), and then approximately another 1500 varieties available to members of Association Kokopelli ("The Collectors List") free of charge. The "catalogue" of "The Seeds of Kokopelli" will be good for a number of years with the two lists being regularly updated. The rest of the book will be good for ever and a day!

Membership of the Association is of course optional, and you can simply buy the seeds from The Boutique List as with any other seed company as a commercial transaction - though Association Kokopelli in its range and its organic purity is as no other seed company ! The advantages of membership are manifold but not least is the huge range of non-commercial varieties additionally on offer.

To become a member of Association Kokopelli, please go direct to the French site at